These are my favorite four bloggers, and I wanted to share their wonderful pics with you, so you can see how they work their style in between seasons, something kinda hard when you don’t know if it will be hot, cold, sunny or rainy!

Young lady living in London, her style is perfectly clean, with the seriousness typical for GB, but the edge that requires an authentic fashion sight. Special character for mixing and overplaying very different pieces of clothing, that look good on her, no explanation required 🙂

American girl, harmonic sense of fashion, that kind of style that they look incredibly stunning, yet they look also sweet and natural, so you feel like she is just like an old friend but you can´t stop looking!

American family woman, with three kids and an online business, always manages to stay perfect, her vintage happy simple style, referencing sometimes to indians, sometimes to cowboys, or pin-up women, she changes a little everyday, but still that vintage, eco-friendly, healthy nice look.

French young lady, crazy looks, combined with the parisian simple style, makes you think twice once you´ve seen her, always admiring the special combinations, with asian influences, glitter, pink, black leather, smiling face and trying new mixes and styles are more than what you see.

All these bloggers inspire me, because I am a big fan of simple fashion, exploring who you are and what your style is, more than what the magazines say. To be authentic, simple, elegant and fun, is everything I would like to be “Fashion speaking” :). All these women rock themselves without care, adapting fashion to themselves, and not the other way around.
This Post has been done by our friend and great accessories designer Paula Such.Thank you,Paula!We love it!