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If Elsa Shiaparelli or Salvador Dali would have known the influence they have in today’s jewelery, they would

have gone to bed with a very big smile on their face. Let me explain.

A long time ago, nobody would have tought that skulls, bullets, eyeballs, insects or pop simbols could take

the leading role in the glamourous world of high jewelery. But the reality, is that nowadays fashion jewels or even

imitations cannot be understood without the words “surrealism” or “irony”

Let’s see some examples…


The great deal about this , is that a simple animal shape or skull can make a real impressive piece of luxury.

So the best thing you cand do is forget what is right or wrong, and have fun with your accesories. Remember

that beautyful don’t necessarily have to be perfect.

You can find lots of options in the market, for all pockets, from big name brands to not so big ones…

Enjoy ¡¡¡¡




This post has been done for our friend and designer Sara Gil Gomez , Thank you Sara , we love it ¡¡¡