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Hey baglovers!

Sorry for missing out last week, I was a litle bit too busy! But i´m happily back, and with one of my favourite stars, not only because of her acting (that I am fan of) but because of her style.

Diane Kruger has been a style icon ever since she came in the spot Light, she can be proud of being one of the few women with very litle faux pas in her public appearances.

She started as a finalist in the Elite Models Look of the Year competition in 1992, and eveloped as a succesful actress, and A-list guest in the world´s top designer´s front rows.



She became truly famous alter her film Troy, starring as Helen.

Her ever perfect style inspires me in many ways, and her star shines so bright as to be collaborate for many brands, the one concerning us this time is her fabulous photoshoot for Chanel in 2007.


After this, she became a big fan of Coco´s bags.



Through the years she has be en seen out and about carrying all sorts of wonderful casual bags, in the street, shopping, and even music festivals



As a style star, she is invited to every fashion week, gala, and award worth noticing. As if the gowns were not stunning enough, she combines them with the perfect hair, makeup, accesories, and of course bags.


This style is the kind that lives for ever, the one that suits naturally to the one who wears it, looking comfortable and happy, it is what makes a woman beautiful.

Hope you liked it! Toodles!!

This post has been done by Paula Such ¡¡¡¡